AIRBATT Energy Power LiFePO4 12 V 15 Ah Supply Battery

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Available from: 19.02.2021

AIRBATT energy power lithium iron phosphate batteries: the innovation for private aviators and clubs

iFePO4 sub> batteries are becoming more prevalent in the private aviation sector thanks to their higher energy density and identical footprints compared to lead-acid batteries. One of the most important reasons is the extreme weight savings compared to lead-acid batteries. Higher weight savings can not be realized more cheaply in aircraft construction. Even in club operation, this battery series isfits well because of the integrated balancer and the BMS (Battery Management System).
For charging the battery, a conventional lead charger with UI0 characteristic suffices. Also a loss of capacity due to low-end charge is history thanks to the BMS. The BMS turns off at a voltage of 11 volts to switch off the battery for protection. P>

When it comes to safety, lithium iron phosphate scores, as it can not burn like lithium cobalt. P>

The AIRBATT energy power lithium iron phosphate batteries are all tested and have min. 100 % capacity. P>

Summary of all advantages: b> p>

  • high weight savings li>
  • light weight design (standard housing) li>
  • integrated BMS and balancer li>
  • charging with normal lead-acid charger (UI0 characteristic) possible li>
  • high safety as there are no lithium cobalt parts li> ul>

    Please observe the following safety instructions: p>

    • avoid short circuits do not disassemble li>
    • li>
    • do not expose to open flame or temperatures above 60 ° C, do not burn li>
    • fire, explosion or fire hazard li>
    • avoid mechanical stains li> ul>



      ATTENTION !!!
      span> The battery consists of individual cells in its own housing and electronics and is therefore a rechargeable battery.
      The plastic housing is only a bypass and not waterproof. It is not possible to submerge this battery.
      Serial connection (24 V circuit) is only conditionally and in agreement with an ACCU-24 employee!
      The battery is a supply battery and not a starter battery , It does "NOT WITHSTAND HIGH CURRENT" (Datasheet error!)
      An export to the United States of America is not permitted without the written consent of ACCU-24 !!
      strong> It is the specifications of the aircraft manufacturer and the operation manual necessarily to be observed! strong> p>

Terminal: T2 - Faston 6,3 mm
Balancer: Yes
Operating temperature: - 20 °C to + 60 °C
BMS: Yes
continuous discharge: 30 A
charging voltage [V]: 14,85 V
Charge Current [A]: 7,5
Voltage [V]: 12 V
Technology: LiFePO4
Cycles: 2000
dimensions (lxbxh): 150 x 98 x 101 mm
Capacity [Ah]: 15 Ah
Shipping weight:2,50 Kg
Product weight: 2,00 Kg

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