AIRBATT Starting Power LPB 5900 4A2P 12V 5.0 Ah LiFePO4 Starter Battery

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*** Improved version with BMS ***

At just 910 grams, our AIRBATT 4A2P lithium-iron-phosphate makes it possible to start ROTAX engines of the 912 and 914 series and Göbler-Hirth series 32, 34, 37, F33. A short circuit current of up to 400A allows a clean and fast engine spin. Even at low temperatures, the 4A2P from AIRBATT makes it easy to start the engines mentioned above. The battery also has a built-in battery management system (BMS).
The 4A2P is charged with a voltage of 14.4 - 14.8 volts. With less voltage, the battery is not fully charged, but this does not cause any problems. The generator power must not exceed 280W.
The modern LPB series can be used in a wide variety of applications. Thanks to excellent lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) technology, the highly-safe lithium-iron-phosphate battery is ideal for use in high-performance ultralight and motor aircraft. The information in the operating manual and the manufacturer must be observed.

Operate the AIRBATT 4A2P with overvoltage protection (OVP) only
Parallel connection of LiFePO4 batteries to jump start with other batteries (car battery) is prohibited because of the high compensation currents (max charging current 20A)


The 4A2P is approved by its built-in BMS for the Rotax 912 i engine series, according to the Alert Service Bulletin (ASB-912 i-005iS).

Main advantages:

  • LiFePO4 battery with built-in BMS & Balancer
  • Robust plastic housing
  • Small and lightweight design
  • Flexible installation in all positions
  • No risk of fire or explosion


It is essential to observe the specifications of the aircraft manufacturer and the operating manual!
Maximum power of the alternator: 280W.

Terminal: M5 Schraubanschluss
Balancer: Yes
BMS: Yes
Short-circuit current: 400 A
Charge Current [A]: 20
Delivery condition: filled and charged
Max. charging voltage [V]: 14,7
max. deep discharge [V]: 10 V
Voltage [V]: 12 V
Technology: LiFePO4
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 140 A (EN)
dimensions (lxbxh): 112 x 68 x 90 mm
Capacity [Ah]: 5 Ah
Shipping weight:1,31 Kg
Product weight: 0,91 Kg

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