CONCORDE RG-35A 12 V 29 Ah AGM General Aviation Starting/Main VRLA Aircraft Battery

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The CONCORDE RG-35A is a sealed 12V AGM aircraft starter battery with FAA "Form One" 8130-3 aviation certificate for the following types of General Aviation single- and twin-engine aircraft:

  • Beechcraft:  19A,  23,  35,  35-33,  35-A33,  35-B33,  35-C33,  35R,  36,  A23,  A23-19,  A23-24,  A23A,  A24,  A24R,  A35,  A36,  A36TC,  B19,  B23,  B24R,  B35,  C23,  C24R,  C35,  D35,  E33,  E33A,  E33C,  E35,  F33,  F33A,  F33C,  F35,  G33,  G35,  H35,  J35,  K35,  M190A,  M35,  N35,  P35,  S35,  V35,  V35A,  V35B
  • Cessna:  177,  177A,  177B,  177RG,  180,  180A,  180B,  180C,  180D,  180E,  180F,  180G,  180H,  180J,  180K,  182,  182A,  182B,  182C,  182D,  182E,  182F,  182G,  182H,  182J,  182K,  182L,  182M,  182N,  182P,  182Q,  182R,  185,  185A,  185B,  185C,  185D,  185E,  188,  188B,  190,  195,  195A,  195B,  206,  206H,  207,  207A,  210,  210-5,  210-5A,  210A,  210B,  210C,  210D,  210E,  210F,  210G,  210H,  210J,  210K,  A185E,  A185F,  A188,  188A,  A188B,  P206,  P206A,  P206B,  P206C,  P206D,  P206E,  R172E,  R172F,  R172G,  R172H,  R172J,  R172K,  T182,  T206H,  T207,  T207A,  T210F,  T210G,  T210H,  T210J,  T210K,  TP206A,  TP206B,  TP206C,  TP206D,  TP206E,  TU206A,  TU206B,  TU206C,  TU206D,  TU206E,  TU206F,  U206,  U206A,  U206B,  U206C,  U206D,  U206E,  U206F
  • Global Amphibians:  250,  LA-4,  LA-4-200
  • Globe:  GC-1A,  GC-1B
  • Maule:  M-4-180,  M-4-210,  M-4-220,  M-5-200,  M-5-2210,  M-5-2210TC,  M-5-220,  M-5-235,  M-6-180,  M-6-235,  M-7-235,  M-7-235A,  M-7-235B,  M-7-235C,  M-7-260,  M-7-260C,  M-8-235,  MT-7-235,  MT-7-260,  MX-7-160,  MX-7-160C,  MX-7-180,  MX-7-180A,  MX-7-180AC,  MX-7-180,  MX-7-180A
  • Mooney:  M20,  M20A,  M20B,  M20C,  M20D,  M20E,  M20F,  M20G,  M20H,  M20J,  M20K
  • Piper:  PA-18A,  PA-18A-135,  PA-18A150,  PA-20,  PA-20-115,  PA-20-135,  PA-20S,  PA-20S-115,  PA-20S-135,  PA-22-108,  PA-22-135,  PA-22-150,  PA-22-160,  PA-22S-135,  PA-22

The list of aircraft types is only for reference, the use of this battery is also possible in other aircraft. Please always check in your aircraft manual if the battery is approved for your type of aircraft.

The CONCORDE RG series are low resistance, valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries. They areabsolutely maintenance-free, they have a very low impedance design and impress with their superior starting power and have prooved to be a reliable essential power in the event of a generator failure. The RG series fully sealed, leak-proof at any altitude or attitude and factory tested to assure airworthyness.
Refilling with electrolyte or water is not required since this battery is constructed with AGM technology (absorbed glass mat separators) and non removable vent valves.
The RG series is shipped non-HAZMAT, fully charged and ready to install.

This battery is ideal for aerobatic aircraft (such as Gilles, Extra, Emraude, Cap, Pitts, S-BACH and Experimentals). Of course the CONCORDE RG-25XC can also be used in all other aircraft that require a certified onboard battery.

Terminal: M8
Aircraft: Beechcraft B24R Mooney M20D Enstrom 280FX Cessna 177 Piper PA-20S-135 Beechcraft C23 Beechcraft B23 Mooney M20B Cessna 182R Cessna A188B Piper PA-20S-115 Cessna T207A Beechcraft B19 Mooney M20 Cessna 182P Cessna A188A Piper PA-20S Cessna 207A Beechcraft A24R Cessna 206 Cessna 182Q Cessna A188 Piper PA-20 Cessna T206H Beechcraft A24 Cessna 195 Cessna 180K Cessna 188B Piper PA-20-115 Cessna A185F Beechcraft A23A Cessna 185 Cessna 177RG Cessna 188 Piper PA-18A-150 Cessna 180 Beechcraft A23-24 Beechcraft 36 Cessna 177B Cessna 210 Piper PA-18A-135 Piper PA-24 Beechcraft A23-19 Beechcraft 35 Cessna R172K Cessna T182 Piper PA-18A Mooney M20K Beechcraft A23 Beechcraft 23 Beechcraft A36 Cessna 182 Piper PA-23-250 Mooney M20J Beechcraft 19A Piper PA-23 Beechcraft F33C Beechcraft M19A Mooney M20G Enstrom F-28FX Cessna 207 Beechcraft C24R Beechcraft 35-33 Beechcraft 35-A33 Beechcraft 35-B33 Beechcraft 35-C33 Beechcraft 35-C33A Beechcraft 35R Beechcraft A35 Beechcraft A36TC Beechcraft B35 Beechcraft C35 Beechcraft D35 Beechcraft E33 Beechcraft E33A Beechcraft E33C Beechcraft E35 Beechcraft F33 Beechcraft F33A Beechcraft F35 Beechcraft G35 Beechcraft H35 Beechcraft J35 Beechcraft K35 Beechcraft M35 Beechcraft N35 Beechcraft P35 Beechcraft S35 Beechcraft V35 Beechcraft V35A Beechcraft V35B Cessna 177A Cessna 180A Cessna 180B Cessna 180C Cessna 180D Cessna 180E Cessna 206H Cessna 210-5 Cessna 210-5A Cessna 210A Cessna 210B Cessna 210C Cessna 210D Cessna 210E Cessna 210F Cessna 210G Cessna 210H Cessna 210J Cessna 210K Cessna A185E Cessna P206 Cessna P206A Cessna P206B Cessna P206C Cessna P206D Cessna P206E Cessna R172E Cessna R172F Cessna R172G Cessna R172H Cessna R172J Cessna T210F Cessna T210G Cessna T210H Cessna T210J Cessna T210K Cessna TP206A Cessna TP206B Cessna TP206C Cessna TP206D Cessna TP206E Cessna TU206A Cessna TU206B Cessna TU206C Cessna TU206D Cessna TU206E Cessna TU206F Cessna U206 Cessna U206A Cessna U206B Cessna U206C Cessna U206D Cessna U206E Cessna U206F Global Amphibians LA-4 Global Amphibians 250 Global Amphibians LA-4-200 Globe GC-1A Globe GC-1B Maule M-4-180 Maule M-4-210 Maule M-4-220 Maule M-5-180 Maule M-5-200 Maule M-5-210 Maule M-5-210TC Maule M-5-220 Maule M-5-235 Maule M-6-180 Maule M-6-235 Maule M-7-235 Maule M-7-235A Maule M-7-235B Maule M-7-235C Maule M-7-260 Maule M-7-260C Maule M-8-235 Maule MT-7-235 Maule MT-7-260 Maule MX-7-160 Maule MX-7-160C Maule MX-7-180 Maule MX-7-180A Maule MX-7-180AC Maule MX-7-180B Maule MX-7-180C Maule MX-7-235 Maule MXT-7-160 Maule MXT-7-180 Maule MXT-7-180A Mooney M20A Mooney M20C Mooney M20E Mooney M20F Piper PA-20-135 Piper PA-22-108 Piper PA-22-135 Piper PA-22-150 Piper PA-22-160 Piper PA-22S-135 Piper PA-22S-150 Piper PA-22S-160 Piper PA-23-160 Piper PA-23-235 Piper PA-24-250 Piper PA-24-260 Piper PA-24-400 Beechcraft G33 Cessna 180F Cessna 180G Cessna 180H Cessna 180J Cessna 182A Cessna 182B Cessna 182C Cessna 182D Cessna 182E Cessna 182F Cessna 182G Cessna 182H Cessna 182J Cessna 182K Cessna 182L Cessna 182M Cessna 182N Cessna 185A Cessna 185B Cessna 185C Cessna 185D Cessna 185E Cessna 190 Cessna 195A Cessna 195B
Voltage [V]: 12 V
Technology: AGM
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 350 A (EN)
dimensions (lxbxh): 244 x 127 x 174mm
Capacity [Ah]: 29 Ah
Shipping weight:15,00 Kg
Product weight: 13,50 Kg

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