THIESEN ACL-UAV-LiPo - Electronic Anti-Collision Light UAV LiPo

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ACL-UAV-LiPo - electronic anti-collision light with remote control connection for unmanned aerial vehicles

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ACL-UAV-LiPo for fuselage mounting

Especially for small UAVs (commonly referred to as drones or multicopters), we have developed the new ACL-UAV-LiPo for you. It is designed to be powered by a small, lightweight LiPo battery of the type used in model making. With a LiPo battery 7.4 volts (2S) and a capacity of 600mAh, an operating time of over one hour is possible. To ensure the life of the LiPo battery, the ACL-UAV-LiPo also has voltage monitoring.

By using the latest generation of light-emitting diodes, we have been able to achieve a luminosity that was previously unthinkable, with the power consumption adapted to the requirements of the application.

The ACL-UAV-LiPo has a remote control input to enable it to be switched on and off remotely. This can be done either via a standard remote control channel (1-2ms) or via a potential-free switching contact (relay). Like all our LED position lights / ACLs, it is of course waterproof and seawater resistant. Of course, the electronics are fully integrated in the ACL-UAV-LiPo - so no "black box" or similar is required.

Like our other ACLs, the ACL-UAV-LiPo is encapsulated in highly optical, scratch-resistant plastic, whereby the complete control element is, as already mentioned, integrated in the encapsulation. Thus, the required space is fixed with the dimensions of the ACL-UAV-LiPo.

The extremely bright, red rotating sequence light flash has an omnidirectional light angle of 360° and is visible 30° below and above the horizontal plane.

The light is pre-wired for easy connection to a three-core cable with a minimum 1.0/0.25 mm² conductor cross-section. The ACL-UAV-LiPo is attached to the unit via a simple flange mounting and bonding using silicone. Mounting instructions and the heat shrink tubing required for mounting are included with the all-round light.

Technical data:

  • Colour: red
  • Operating voltage: 6.8 - 9 volts direct current (DC), LiPo battery 2S
  • Power consumption: approx. 5 watts
  • Interface: Remote control Input
  • Diameter: approx. 44 mm
  • Height: approx. 39 mm
  • flange-to-flange: approx. 61 mm
  • bore diameter: 4.5 mm
  • Weight: approx. 85gr with connection cable

Color: Red
operating voltage: 7,4 Volt DC (LiPo 2S)
power admission:
dimensions (lxbxh):
Product weight: 0,09 Kg
Contents:1,00 pcs

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