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Aviation technology from pilots for pilots

We know the requirements for high-quality aviation products from our own experience. Therefore, in our shop for aviation accessories, we focus on products from renowned brands as well as our own brand Airbatt in order to ensure the security of the on-board power supply as well as the aircraft power supply or communication. Take a look in our webshop and find out more about our high-quality products at a very fair price in combination with fast shipping.

Pilot requirements from aircraft power supply up to ELT emergency transmitter

The comprehensive range in our pilot shop is based on the equipment of glider, motor and ultralight aircraft as well as balloons. For this segment, we offer a comprehensive range of batteries and jump-off aids for aircraft power supply and on-board power supply up to charging technology in the form of solar modules or backup batteries. However, pilot demand means more than just the power supply of the aircraft. This is because the energy supply must be integrated into the aircraft by means of a battery holder and requires professional energy management.

Communication by means of high-quality ground stations and handheld radios as well as accessories for handheld radios and airfield equipment for communication or winch accessories is of particular importance.

On-board power supply and aircraft power supply

In our glider shop we carry an extensive selection of different supply and starter batteries for the aircraft power supply for you. In order to guarantee our customers maximum performance and safety, we rely exclusively on products from selected manufacturers.

This philosophy continues in the category of Motor planes. Because only carefully selected aviation accessories ensure maximum safety during take-off, flight and landing. Landing lights, position lights and anti-collision lights complete the extensive range of energy and safety.

Radio technology to secure communication

Without reliable communication with other participants in the airspace or on the ground, the safety of take-off, flight and landing is endangered. In our pilot shop you will find extensive equipment on the subject of radio technology. The identification of your aircraft in the air is carried out by powerful Mode-S transponders, while ELT emergency locator transmitters are an indispensable part of safety equipment. Find out more about these devices, which are important for every pilot in an emergency, in our shop for pilot supplies.

Good handheld radios for flight and ground radio are constant companions in the numerous activities around flying. Well-known brands such as Icom handheld radios are represented in our pilot shop as well as extensive accessories for radios. We are happy to advise you on the selection of devices that are optimally tailored to your requirements before you buy handheld radios.

Accessories for flying

Main components such as batteries for on-board power supply, powerful and good handheld radios from well-known manufacturers or Mode S transponders are indispensable when flying. Practical accessories complement these components. This gives high-performance batteries in compact battery holders a reliable hold. Special components for energy management support you in precise monitoring of the battery charge level and provide other important information, while pole covers reliably protect the battery terminals.

Airbatt - the shop for high-quality pilot supplies

Airbatt – a brand of ACCU-24 - is your strong partner for aircraft power supply and on-board power supply for small and light aircraft of all types. Due to their high quality and reliability, our products guarantee safety in every situation and support you with innovative radio technology in secure communication on the ground and in the air.

Whether you buy radios or other aviation supplies, Airbatt stands for quality and service. Do you have questions about our products in general or would you like detailed advice on buying handheld radios? Contact us - our experienced service team is there for you!