INTACT Bike Power Gel 53034 / C60-N30-A 12V 30Ah GEL Motorcycle Starter Battery

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The absolute top product in closed block batteries is the Intact Bike-Power GEL motorcycle battery.
The Intact Bike-Power GEL series was developed by Keckeisen especially for the most modern motorcycles and the latest GEL technology makes the use actually possible, even for demanding drivers.
The Intact Bike Power GEL was developed especially for motorcycles with various electrical consumers and ABS. Due to the combination of fleece separators and the fixed electrolyte in gel, an increased starting power (up to 30% more power compared to conventional motorcycle batteries) is achieved.
In addition, the GEL motorcycle batteries have an extremely good durability, maximum safety and high vibration resistance. It is delivered in Erausrüsterqualität, is completely closed and completely maintenance-free.
Due to the very low self-discharge, it convinces! Therefore, a longer storage is not a problem. This gel battery can lose no liquid even with a housing break and is therefore also installed horizontally.
Your driving pleasure can start immediately - this battery is ready to use!


The main advantages:

  • Absolutely maintenance-free
  • safe and reliable
  • ABS suitable
  • Immediately ready for use (felt and loaded)
  • high starting power
  • OEM
  • High efficiency
  • Low self-discharge
  • Can also be used in tilted position (up to 90 °)
  • GEL technology
  • Longer lifetime
  • Fully closed
  • Completely leak-proof
  • Up to 30% more power compared to conventional motorcycle batteries

Scope of application:

  • motorcycle
  • scooter
  • Quad / ATV
  • jetski
  • Riding mower
  • snowmobile


  • terminal screws

replaces the following batteries:

Terminal: Y3
Ausführung: new part,charged, ready for immediate use
DIN Code: 53034
bid identification: Use eye protectionFollow the instructionskeep away acid and batteries from children
danger notes: H290 P305+P351+P338 P303+P361+P353 P280 P102 H314 P301+P330+331 P309+P310
Japan Code: C60-N30-A
Delivery condition: filled and charged
Polarity: 1 = positive pole left
Voltage [V]: 12 V
Technology: Gel
forbade labeling: no open flame,flame,open ignition source and smoking not allowedno disposal at gthe household rubbish
warning notes: warning for explosivedanger matialswarning of corrosive materials
Wartungsfrei: yes after EN
Cold Cranking Amps: 400A(EN)
dimensions (lxbxh): 178 x 124 x 166mm
Capacity [Ah]: 30 Ah (c20)
Shipping weight:10,30 Kg
Product weight: 8,30 Kg

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