THIESEN ERB2-H - Electronic Rotating Beacon

ERB2-H - Electronic Rotating Beacon
Intelligent Synchronisation


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ERB2-H - our new development with Intelligent Synchronisation and FLARM Interface

Technology goes on, and so we have developed the new ERB2-H for you. By using the latest generation of light-emitting diodes, we have been able to increase the luminosity by approx. 25%, while at the same time reducing the power consumption. This means an increase in efficiency of almost 50%!

Like all our LED position lights / ACLs, it is of course waterproof and seawater resistant. Of course, the electronics in the ERB2-H are fully integrated - so no "black box" or similar is required.

Our ERB2-H complies with the FAR23 regulations, so even experimental hobbyists have a real alternative to the conventional xenon flash.

Like our other ACLs, the Electronic Rotating Beacon is encapsulated in highly optical, scratch-resistant plastic, with the complete control element integrated in the encapsulation, as already mentioned. Thus, the required space is fixed with the dimensions of the ERB.

The extremely bright, red rotating sequence light flash has an omnidirectional light angle of 360° and is visible 30° below and above the horizontal plane.

The light is pre-wired for easy connection to a four-core cable with a minimum 1.5/0.25 mm² conductor cross-section. The metal clamp provided is quite sufficient for fixing, provided the ERB has been additionally bonded with a thin layer of silicone.

Technical data:

  • Colour: red
  • Operating voltage: 10 - 17 volts direct current (DC), typical: 12.8 - 13.4 volts (on-board power supply)
  • Power consumption: approx. 16 watts
  • diameter: approx. 44 mm
  • Height: approx. 55 mm
  • diameter flange: approx. 63.5 mm
  • Weight: approx. 125 grams including connection cable

Technical specifications
Color: Red
weight: ca. 125 g mit Anschlusskabel
operating voltage: 10 - 17 V DC (Bordstrom)
power admission: ca. 25 Watt
dimensions (lxbxh): 47 (63,5) x 77 mm (DxH)
Item weight: 0,13 kg
Content: 1,00 pcs
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